Program Assessment

I came to UGA with a high opinion of the LDT program. Through being involved with the LDT program at Virginia Tech, I heard a lot of great things about the program and was excited when I received my acceptance. So far the program has not disappointed my expectations.

The faculty in the department has been very helpful and supportive in assisting me in the process. My advisor, Dr. Rieber has been invaluable to my research journey. Since I have started the program he has encouraged me to participate in projects and grant proposal creation, and create collaborations outside of the department. Anytime I have come to him with research ideas he has been very supportive in helping me make connections. I was also excited the first day that I walked into his office and saw that his bookshelf consisted of either books I read or books I wanted to read. This let me know that I had found a perfect fit for an advisor. I also enjoyed the collaborative book reading group that we formed with “Pasteur’s Quadrant” and hope to participate in more of those in the future.

The two 9990 courses that I have taken with Dr. Kopcha have been great in helping me frame my research. The Spring course on design-based research confirm my aspirations to specialize in this area. I have enjoyed the very open, honest, and informative aspect of both courses.

The 8990 course has also been helpful in the navigation of the doctoral process. I like the format of having both first year and second year students in the class because I can get advice from students who just finished the process I am about to encounter. Taking this course also helps to connect with students in my cohort that I don’t engage with often. I also have enjoyed the guest lecturers discussing their research and the graduate student-advisor panel that was held last semester.

The course requirements are relevant to my research goals and interests. Often other departments require students to take courses that may not connect with their research but every class I have taken so far has developed my research in some area. I also like the encouragement to take courses in other departments through the cognate and elective courses.

The one area of improvement I would suggest is the development of more interdisciplinary courses and collaborations. It is often difficult to get faculty from different departments to collaborate but more of these connections would be a great asset to the department. When I attended Virginia Tech, there was a course that was a collaboration between the LDT, Computer Science, and Art departments that focused on creating educational games. Groups were formed that had at least one educator, along with computer science and art students. The games were presented in an exhibit at the end of the semester. A course similar to this would be a great additional to our department. 

© Gregory Wilson 2012