Career Goals


Upon graduating from the doctoral program, I will seek out both postdoc and assistant professor positions. The reason of possibly pursuing a postdoc position before going into academia is because I want to gain more experience conducting research without the added pressures of taking courses and completing degree milestones. Postdoc positions are rarely posted online so I plan to network with potential professors I can work with at conferences and workshops. I am open to working in an Educational Technology, Engineering Education, or Computer Science department. Regardless of the department I work in I would still like to foster collaborations with other departments. I would like for any research I undertake to have an interdisciplinary aspect to it. Universities such as Stanford University and University of Washington are well known for their commitment to interdisciplinary work and those universities are possible avenues for pursing a postdoc. Ideally, I would like to work on research that is related to my interests including design-based learning, entrepreneurship, and human computer interaction.     

When I began to pursue an assistant professor position either after completion of the doctoral program or after working on a post doc for several years, I would like to find a position that focuses on interdisciplinary research. I have listed example positions that I have collected below:

Position: Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Technology and Learning

Location: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The MIT Media Lab is an anti-disciplinary research organization focusing on the invention of new media technologies that radically improve the ways people, live, learn, work, and play.

We are looking for faculty candidates who are committed to instigating dramatic changes in how, what, and where people learn – building on the Media Lab tradition of developing and studying new technologies to support playful, interest-driven, constructionist learning experiences for diverse communities of learners.

Candidates should have a record of original thinking, a willingness to take risks, a desire to look beyond traditional disciplines, and a dedication to making a difference in the world. Successful candidates will be expected to: establish and lead their own research group within the Media Lab; pursue creative work of the highest international standard; engage in collaborative projects with industrial sponsors and other Media Lab research groups; supervise masters and doctoral students; and participate in the Media Arts and Sciences academic program.

Position: Morgan Distinguished Professorship in Educational Innovations

Location: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The School of Education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill seeks a tenured faculty member at the associate or full level for the newly established Morgan Distinguished Professorship in Educational Innovations. The successful applicant may have a degree in the Learning Sciences. Cognitive Science, and/or Educational Design and Technology, or other related fields and will provide leadership in studying, designing, and developing new innovations. In particular, the successful applicant will lead an interdisciplinary graduate program designed to help transform education by creating synergies among three elements: innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. Goals of this program include creating a new generation of educational innovators and entrepreneurs and encouraging designs of sustainable organizational forms that promote educational renewal and change.

While a tenure-track position similar to the MIT posting would be the type of position I would pursue initially, the UNC posting would be my dream job and a position I would be striving for.

Another career goal I have is to start an education thinktank, either at a university or independently. A thinktank engages an identified user group and builds an interactive series of design thinking events around them. The thinktank would be made up people who are very passionate about the specific issue. Members of the thinktank will draw on their skills and knowledge through interactive collaborative design activities. I would like to have subcultures within the thinktank that focus on different levels for education including elementary, middle, high school, higher education, and life-long learning. Projects would involve both formal and informal learning environments. 

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